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10 Boulevard

Jewellery symbolizes time and witnesses stories. Each piece is distinct, one-of-a-kind with its own history and tale to tell. To capture that spirit, we worked hand in hand with the client to convey a space that reflects their jewellery’s identity to the customers. The client first ventured into this industry in Hong Kong where jewellery is significantly less expensive. They see diamond and gold as the purest, most valuable, most primary gems. Hence, gold was chosen as the main accent colour. With budget in mind, different materials that complement gold were picked out with much consideration while yet emphasizing the priceless gems as our star.

The interior incorporated intricate elements from Victorian era which the client is a fan of. To guarantee that each piece is presented and showcased to its fullest potential, the lighting in the area was also carefully selected and tastefully designed at the proper angle. The space is a crossover of both styles; a nod to his heritage and a dash of his own unique interests, combining both design philosophies in hopes of striking a chord with visitors.

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