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OTCQ is a fluid collaboration of a group of like-minded individuals that share the believe DESIGN is more than a visual depiction. We believe a good design has the ability to affect and mould a person’s lifestyle. With that simple conviction, we are careful in our projects pre-planning research prior to embark into the design process.

We love story, we believe everyone is unique. We take the time to comprehend our client lifestyle preference before tailoring the space to suit the lifestyle. We feel that being an Architect does not give us the veto right to decide what’s the best for our client. We listen to the story and translate it into a plane, space and volume to continue the narrative.


We love Oxygen. Nature green is our best friend. We believe that God’s creation is beautiful and we love to build around His creation.

We love history. We don’t wipe a clean slate to begin with a design. We believe the continuity of story is beautiful as it shows our respect to the origin. We document the history in build-form and we create a space to continue the story.

We love questions. “WHY” is our morning greeting as a team. We do not take No as an answer until we try and test our hypothesis.

We love food. We do not serve you anything lesser than what we believe is the best. We don’t like options as it means we have doubts in our solution.

We love laughter. We crack jokes most of our working hours because we believe lighter mood produce better works. We emphasis in enjoying the process as much as harvest the success.

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