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Awan dan Angin

Awan Kuning (Yellow Cloud) is an interesting encounter where the poetic name of the Site that catch the attention. The Awan neighbourhoods were amongst the earliest settlements in Klang Valley. Yaohan (once the famous departmental store) was once occupied the now Plaza OUG. The rise of major malls and attractions near-by has resulted the fall of the commercial status within the region. A long overdue redevelopment is in the pipelines and the identity of the locality will soon be reset again.

Awan Kuning House 1 (AK1) has a history dated all the way since year1897 when the land was gazetted by the authority. The House AK1 was built close to 100 years later in year 1982. The house changed owners and in year 2011, the house went through a massive makeover. The current AK1 is a one and a half storey house with an overlooking atrium. The atrium allows the nature airflow within the house but the house has very limited window which make the house dark and rely heavily on artificial luminance.

The Owner’s brief is to create a modern tropical house. Natural light and ventilation are the key design parameters. The challenge to the team is how to introduce nature light to the house but reducing the heat accumulated within the house.

With more than 50% of the external façade covered by west facing roof, the focus is surrounded in provide an effective way to discharge heat from within.

Air Turbine ventilator and translucent roof tiles are our focus in the problem solving process. It is a house to demonstrate that it doesn’t need a complicated equation to bring a tropical house to life.

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