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Timeless family houseā€¦

BS2 is a multi-generation family house. Nested within a gated community where most of the lands are meant to be constructed into bungalow houses. East-West facing lot with the land elevated 65m above sea level, the lot is blessed with ample of nature sunlight and breeze.

Capitalizing on what is already present on site was a major element in the design of BS2. The interiors were designed with openings to let natural light and air flow through while the shading equipment kept the heat out. To enhance the historic significance of this family home, a mature tree on the property is preserved.

Every person has a specific room in the house for their hobbies and private enclave, thanks to careful space planning. To ensure that family bonding time is not hampered, communal spaces for the family are interspersed amongst these private nooks.

The house design initially consisted of a straightforward block geometry, but as we added more detail, we gradually carved out the elements until the final building’s architecture resembled a sculpture placed on the land.

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