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Seamless transformation…

DJ House 7 is a house for a well-known designer. The Owner has a very specific vision for their family’s dwelling space which they believed to live in the Feng Sui way. Feng Sui has choreographed the house spatial experiences, which emphasis on framing the specific views and defining the spaces. The collaboration process was facilitated by the similar love for mother nature, the true gems on the Site.

The natural setting of the land, the topography, the terrain, the foliage, and the tree trunks have become the inspiration of the design process, these tangible intangible spirit of the site has transformed into the manmade structure.

The morning mist of the forest creates a mysterious image of the veiled woodland; sun rays penetrate through foliage cast layers of light and shade; streams reflect sun rays and clouds; raindrops form the dynamic ripple on the water and leaves like a dancing surface that follows the rhythm of the rain. The site is located on the outskirts of a tropical forest, and the challenge is to create a seamless transition from God’s made nature to the man made shelter.

The logical progression of the house is deeply inspired by nature, from foliage to sun louvres, tree trunks to columns, stones to bricks, water to glass….

The man-made structure was carefully positioned and proportioned to ensure that it could provide a similar perforation as the forest, allowing air to flow freely, light and shadow on the leaves and soil to continue flowing into the house, the fabric, and the cushion…

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