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Timeless Old & Classy New

DK HOUSE 47 is a very subtle house located in a quiet neighbourhood with lots of stories to tell. With a owner who has great appreciation of outdoor landscape, the former family home was sold and converted into an office. Rich green and modest architecture have always been a part of the house’s DNA, despite alterations.

Geographically, this is a terrace house (corner lot) that is very well positioned at the end of traffic. Neighbouring with bungalow lots and cul-de-sac towards the side boundary, the natural enclave provides privacy to the house.

The Owner’s brief in the house alteration is in continuity to the original house DNA. The team chose to address the lifestyle of the new Owner by adding a new block beside the existing building rather than extensively renovating the current structure.

The Owner wants to build a multigenerational home. a segment of the building where the elderly might enjoy their own private space while the owner could interact with his networks and acquaintances.

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