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Farm House

A house for an elderly mother who live her life within fruit orchard.

A story of an old mother unveiled through family members that are hundred miles away. “A persistent and tough mother that climbed up to the roof”, “love for simple and practical lifestyle”, “spending hours irrigating the fruit orchard”, these are the words that repeated by the family members. It is a cheeky elaboration of their old mother/ grandmother. The care and love from the family members shown through their eyes and facial expression.

The family members have a very genuine intention in returning their love to the mother/ grandmother. They want to provide a sanctuary for the distant mother to live free and enjoy what she likes to do. Over the few conversations, it is not hard to see that they have a mother/ grandmother that loves outdoor and nature. A conventional building of walls, grille and barrier may not be the answer to her lifestyle.

The existing lake behind the site (nature), the orchard (lifestyle) and architecture intervention are the key consideration in the project design planning. It leads us to a simple pavilion structure with all openable walls.

A floor slab lifted up slightly from the earth, simple tropical pitch roof with long roof eaves, permeable sun screens, these are the simple intervention to ensure the walls can be opened up without worry of uninvited pest intrudes into the human dwelling space and the heat penetrating the. Air flow through the cooling orchard, pass through the house and discharge the heat accumulated within the house. With window walls, the mother can gaze over her orchard anytime of the day.

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