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Trace of Time

The tropical rainforest setting influenced the design of House 8. A rock in the woods that has weathered and aged as a result of rain and sun. The moss gradually covers the surface, and transformed the stone to form part of the landscape. Careful material selection and minimal chemical coating on the building surface to ensure the man-made components remain as ecological canvas for nature to take place.

A 30-year-old single-story terrace house on a 22ft x 120ft lot, a rare find considering its size. Long & narrow site was meticulously built with series of pocket green to enable the house “breath” and “glow”. Buildable plinth is sacrificed to introduce courtyards with trees and gravels filling the void. When it rains, the droplets that land on the leaf make a soothing rainforest sound. After each shower, the leaves are scrubbed clean and the scent of freshness is rewarded.

House 8 has gradually evolved into a living organism. Trees have overtaken the roof, casting shadows across the spaces, while moss is gradually taking over the original man-made canvas. Small creatures are invading the gardens, and every morning the home is filled with chirping birds of varying frequencies and rambunctious squirrels looking for foods.

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