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The Bukit Bandaraya neighbourhood is distinguished by rows of townhouses dating back to the 1970s. The stacked townhouse on a single 26-foot-wide ground parcel is home to two separate owners.

Two young brothers who co-owned a single ground parcel property wanted to modernize the house’s design to suit their lifestyle. The objective is to establish a space where the brothers could have their own solitude while still hosting their family and common friends if necessary.
In order to satisfy the brief, the two separate title residences were integrated into one, however they may also function as two distinct studio units. Four common rooms are sandwiched between the two studio apartments that can be shared use by the brothers.

The entire house was connected by a four-story central courtyard. The natural light that penetrates the space through the sunroof gives it vitality. Trees and plants with dynamic shadows filled the entire house like a little Pandora box. The stairs ascending from the building’s west fa├žade serves as sun louvres to the courtyard. The integrated bookshelves ascended with the steps, reflecting a transition in two Owners’ lifestyle preferences. A mini ecosystem is gradually emerging within the house.

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